Legends throughout the world tell us that it is in that moment of uncertainty that the call to adventure comes. It arrives in various forms. An inspiration. An inner voice. Or a dream.
— Mary VAux

The story of Mary Vaux inspired me in many ways to pursue my work as an earth scientist and filmmaker/photographer. In the process of bringing this project to life, I found myself incredibly inspired by her tenacity and motivation. Being a woman in sciences or in visual media is not the easiest road to adventure on.  Managing this inferno drive bubbling inside, the physical requirements and limitations, the passion of creativity and curiosity while managing the obligations of the everyday family life is to say the least very challenging. The more I learned about Mary, the more she seeded a deep feeling of calm and assurance. "Everything is going to be ok". Mary only married at 54 and she returned on the glacier until she passed in her eighties. Most of her work happened after she was 50. Her story makes the world go round. The film gives us perspective on some of the battles women had to endure in the Victorian era but also reminds us to stay true to our nature and persevere. 

In that perspective, I am happy to visit your school or community to present the film and talk further about sciences, filmmaking and photography. I am not Mary Vaux, but I just hope to pass on a spark of inspiration that I hope will enable the next step forward, whatever it means to you.